Hello, #LouisWalsh

Poor English, but still:

Hello, #LouisWalsh
I will not hide that I’ve followed your entire career as a jury, in #XFactor and IGT.
You are my favorite judge and have always been for your teams.

Two years ago I was angry when you did not show up on the show. You clean in some advertising and did not even return to a guest judge.

And yes, when you came back aboard, I was happy because you have a lot of experience and knowledge to give.
In April, a new series of the mystical series began, Which will be a jury this year?!

The media added your name to the list, then rubbed is…
Finally, you said you had a three-year contract and you were in the game.

Yesterday they officially kicked you out, fired and humiliated.
And you answered Fantastic, thank you blah blah…

I realize that you are 65 and that the audience of this show is about 15 and that this audience is more interested in female breasts than wise counsel…
But I do not want X Factor to become a rating sheet instead of a talent creator – normally 15 seasons later, the interest decreases – but it is not normal for the message to go!

You are 65 and you probably realize how many men and women are discriminated against because of their age.That’s why you need to say it boldly – „I’m fired“. Because you are fired because the tv machine is a predator.

Yes, you have money and you are going around the world, but how many people have this opportunity?
I realize that everyone on TV is excited about the ratings – the television is not guilty – ITV makes incredible products like Coronation Street.

But it is important for you to be the ambassador of the change of thinking and the assumption that we all get older, but we do not lose our qualities.
Of course, I remain your fan and I will follow you at the IGT – but I want to see in you a man who says bravely! You can!

65 is a wonderful age – and you and Sharon know that! She was also lowered – but it’s even more ugly to pay her the same amount, but to spit her in the corner … Phu … Who cares how she travels from LA to X Factor’s studio? This is a check for silence.

I’m 65 today – you?

And also the possible jury of 1D is a great opportunity to remind group. But what will happen to them as they age? Will we still send them with a hypocritical press release?

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